Bison’s full line of institutional equipment is sold exclusively through our network of over 1,200 quality sporting goods dealers. A knowledgeable local institutional sports equipment dealer will be able to assist you in choosing the best equipment at the best price for your facility.

You’ll always know where your kids are playing when you have a Bison basketball system from a residential sporting goods dealer in your driveway. Bison is the leader in safety-conscious design features and is the only manufacturer that includes SafeStuff™ pole padding with every system sold.

Suggested prices published by Bison are provided for guidance only. In most cases, the published price is the maximum you will pay excluding freight delivery, installation or assembly charges. Contact a Bison dealer for your exact pricing or request a quote directly from our website.

Our website provides a directory of quality sporting goods dealers that can assist you or call Bison customer service at 800-247-7668 for the name of a dealer near you.

If you’re interested in applying to become a Bison dealer, we encourage you to contact our sales representative in your area.