Cafe Collection 42″ high pedestal assembly 1
Cafe Collection 30″ pedestal assembly 2

Cafe Collection 30″ pedestal assembly


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Cafe Collection offers an incredible range of options allowing you to mix and match table and seating styles and heights. With over 150 combinations to choose from plus an infinite number of customization options available on table tops and seats, Cafe Collection is designed to meet every need. Enjoy the great outdoors at coffee shops, bistros, cafes, bars, restaurants, employee patios or anywhere people gather to share coffee, conversation, food, wine or other beverage. Cafe Collection can also be used indoors and, with the availability of custom laser cut graphics and a wide range of standard and custom colors, you can complement any decor.

Choose standard (30″) high top (42″) table heights with freestanding or permanent surface mount bases. 42″ and 30″ table tops are available square with standard perforated, solid flat or laser cut customized tops or round with solid flat or standard perforated pattern. Select from standard perforated or customized laser cut freestanding chairs in either standard (18″) or high top (30″) seat heights or from four optional permanent surface mount seat options. When your need calls for great looking, long lasting tables and seating options for indoors or outdoors, Cafe Collection is the right choice.

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Weight 60 lbs

Freestanding, Surface

Submittals CF30-42CP-XX

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