Arena JR Freestanding Portable Volleyball System
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Arena JR Freestanding Portable System


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Truly portable with no anchor or loose ballast and a super streamlined base. Complete system includes 3″ Centerline® aluminum pole system that can be used both in the bases and in gym floor sockets. (Substitute VB10T/VB100T for shortened posts if you intend to use these posts only in the portable bases.) Order just the VB80JR padded bases to use with your own 3″, 3½” or 4″ poles.  See chart for system options.

VB8100JR Arena JR Freestanding Portable Stats
Upper post material: 2½” Aluminum
Lower post material: 3″ Aluminum
Base socket diameter: 3″, 3½”, 4″
Approx. post deflection: 1.25″
Post warranty: Lifetime Limited
Winch style: 26:1 Worm Gear
Winch warranty: Lifetime Limited
Net height indicator: Engraved
Net height adjustment method: Spring Assisted Telescoping
Free lettered padding: Yes (see chart)

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Forklift or dock required for delivery.  Contact Bison for other off-loading options.

Additional information

Weight 2,750 lbs

Complete System, Complete Double Court, Weighted Bases with base padding only, Posts/winch only

Instructions VB80JR/VB8100JR/VB8102JR

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