Hinged Brass Lockable Volleyball Cover Plate Only 1

Floating Floor Socket with Lockable Brass Hinged Cover Plate


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Volleyball and badminton systems come in multiple sizes, all gym flooring systems are not the same and every facility has different floor cover priorities. Bison has a premium floor socket for every application.

All Bison floor sockets start with Bison’s exclusive aluminum extrusion that not only eliminates rust but eliminates the sloppy fit found with other manufacturer’s welded steel floor sockets.

A unique shimming system allows Bison volleyball floor sockets to easily install in the floor at an approximate 2% outward angle to compensate for post deflection found on even the most rigid steel systems.

Floor plates are available in four different styles including our most popular hinged brass, lockable hinged brass, swiveling chrome plated steel and swiveling plated aluminum. With our mini hinged brass badminton socket cover, you won’t have to have oversize covers in your gym floor.

Select the size you need for your facility from the chart.

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Additional information

Weight 9 lbs

3″, 3-1/2″, 4″

Instructions VB23/VB23LK/VB23LK-CV/VB26/VB26LK/VB27/VB27LK/VB23IK
Submittals (VB23LK) VB23LK
Submittals (VB26LK) VB26LK
Submittals (VB27LK) VB27LK

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