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Match Point Aluminum System without Padding


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Designed for high schools on a budget, rec centers or any facility that wants a lightweight yet durable power volleyball system. The unique 43″ to 96″ infinite net height adjustment track allows competition volleyball and PE tennis or pickleball on the same system. The 39# post fits in all 3½” diameter floor sockets. See chart for system options.

VB6000 Match Point Aluminum Stats
Post material:  3½” Aluminum
Floor socket diameter*:  3½” (Free Socket Adapters)
Non-winch post weight:  39#
Winch post weight:  43#
Approx. post deflection:  2.81″
Post warranty:  10-Year Limited
Winch style:  Worm Gear
Winch warranty:  10-Year Limited
Net height indicator:  Labeled
Net height adjustment method:  Slider Bar
Adjustable foot:  No
Free lettering on padding:  Yes (see chart)
* Ask about adapters for smaller existing floor sockets.

Compare this system to other Bison volleyball systems at a glance.

Videos available:  Measuring Existing Volleyball Floor Sockets, Volleyball Net Rope Knot, Using a Chain Net Height Gauge, Setting Volleyball Net Height & How to Setup a Bison Volleyball System

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Additional information

Weight 170 lbs

Complete System, Complete System but no sockets, Recreational System, Recreational System no sockets, Double Court, Double Court but no sockets, Posts/winch only for 3-1/2″ sockets, Post/winch only for 1-7/8″ sockets, Court adder for 3-1/2″ sockets, Court adder for 1-7/8″ sockets

Instructions VB6000
Submittals (Competition) VB6000
Submittals (Recreational) VB6050

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